The Called

Any of The Forgotten Dwarves that have heard the clarion call of destiny and have been moved to action in dream to make right the wrongs both old and new in new Vesperin. A call to Reclaim, rebuild… and rule again.

The Clarion Call as heard in The Dream of the Forgotten

I am the Lands, I am the Ore, Worked by the hands of old Dwarves of yore.

I am the Field, the golden Grail, The bountiful Yeild, by cart and by rail.

I am the Friend, both giving and true, Now seeing the end, but not seeing you.

Why do you sleep, while I wait forsaken? Shall any of you weep, when at last I am taken?

I was the Garden, now choked by the weeds, There shall be no pardon, for those without deeds.

I beg that you stir, that you open your eyes, Be as you were, in the days of the Wise.

Beating your ploughshares, to Axes and Mail, Asking who now dares, to fight tooth and nail.

Won’t you come now before you’re forgotten, Taketh me from Them, the vain and the rotten.

Come swear allegiance at the cresting rivers fall, Where the wing that was shadow was bound in the Hall.

At Harvestide, Highharvestide do not meet in vain, Reclaim me, rebuild me… and rule me once again.

c.f. Pact Forged Confederates

The Called

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