Pact Forged Confederates

This self imposed title is the name taken by The Forgotten dwarves or The Called of new Vesperin who have sworn a blood oath to uphold the non-conformist tenants and the unyielding commitment to re-seize power from any who are found guilty of taking unscrupulously what was never theirs in the first place.

The roster of those confessed conspirators follows:

Tristin Connell......Clan Connel

Roarin Wildfire......Clan Goldthorn

Ulrick Whitemane.....Clan Bladebite

Khan Dragonsmane.....Clan Cain

Harbeck Thornslayer..Clan Greataxe

Friar Oscar McAbbott..Clan Boldenbar

Cornelius Copperbeard..Clan

Pact Forged Confederates

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