Human Rule

The Vast in Human Hands

Into the power vacuum left by the Spellplague in the Year of Blue Fire (or Fah Yar ut Shief-Zur: Dwarven for The Year of Fire Blue) and the collapse of the bearly re-forged dwarven kingdom stepped the humans. Mainly by assuming positions throughout the old Vast where the Shief-Zur had left chaos and ruin. The more than willing humans spread rapidly across the Vast, dealing harshly with post Shief-Zur opportunists such as orcs and the wild menaces of the mountains but also with the newly discovered spellscarred creatures who would also prey upon the wounded, or those displaced across the plague stricken Vast.

Men banded in solidarity to clear abandoned land for farms, collected worked stone from ruined dwarfholds or ruins into low walls, and good roads. From the sea or recovering towns adventuring bands built themselves small keeps and collected ‘shield taxes’ from nearby farmers in return for a promise to protect them against attack from the spellscarred. And some warned of dwarves driven mad by plague.

Defense against such threats typically came by means of mounted warriors, bolstered by a minor battle-mage and or war cleric. Humans, as one dwarven writer has put it, “breed almost as recklessly as the burners”. Their swelling numbers have been aided by immigration as much as by birthrate. There seems a higher number of those who cheerfully seek out adventure among humans.

Today, integrated Dwarves and Bards of Vesperin sometimes call this “The Time of Glorious Fools”. As new roads finally link Mulmaster on the Moonsea and Procampur and Tsurlagol on the Inner Sea to the rest of new Vesperin, human rule of the area is assured. The ports of Calaunt, Tantras, and Ravens Bluff have of recent years, re-established trade with vessels from Sembia, Impiltur, Aglarond, and the city-state of Westgate.

Vesperin Cities once again ship their farm produce and fine cloth, ironwork, locks, and weapons over land and sea. The harbors have once again become trade-stops, pirate rest-and-repair stops and immigrant-ship landing-places.

Humans now explore the nearer and more accessible mines of the area and prosper further. Many of the larger farmers now grow wealthy buying up surrounding farms, and name themselves lords.”These country gentry are often retired adventurers themselves. Many of these petty lords are folk of considerable ability and dangerous to cross.

Orcs and various plaguechanged creatures continue to infest the wilds of Vesperin, raiding undefended communities now and then (especially during harsh winter weather). Many believe that barring some great disaster, human rule of new Vesperin seems assured for now and years to come.

Human Rule

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