The Forgotten

The Riverdown Slaves

So who are the Riverdown slaves you ask? Ahhh Harbek knows and he tells you. He tells you that Riverdown is a not so far away settlement in the Harkenwold territory across the Fire River west of here. Surely these are captured villagers from there! If saving these innocents was part of the Forgotten’s calling, they seem to be a step behind- as the sale and removal from here seems to have take place already!

So far the Chamber of Eyes appears to be just what you heard- an ancient temple to the likewise ancient god, Torog the Patient One. This is the same God that split the Minotaur’s religious attentions so many years ago that lead to their ultimate destruction. From the front steps inward engravings of eyes have covered the walls and doors. Having discovered a secret door in Krand’s personal chamber, the group has headed south where, to their astonishment, a beholder seems to be lurking in the next room!

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Behold, oh Forgotten…

Thunderspire Labyrinth

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A Dwarven Flame Extinguished....


It is with a heavy heart thah I must come before you… en’ raise up a candle in honor of a flame from your forge extinguished….

...William Bones …such a curious fellow, so full of life, en’ passion. The twinkle in his eye will never again illuminate the gaze of those around him. His light will nae more influence of the very hearts and souls of those in whom he challenged. (En’ challenge HE did!) It was hard to tell where his oath lie upon that hearth of your forge…

May your ever guiding hand; craft and shape the lives of your chil’ren.

Ashes to ashes, en’ dust to dust, may we all return to the earth from which you created us to once again flourish!


Father MacAbbot

Wot tha ell...?

Wot tha hell is this crap It feels like forever since we entered this place… Fightin’ our way though all the villainy that Kalel can hope to throw at us! Speakin’ to the dead! Answerin his riddles! BLAH! Wot good it tha? He’s dead….


This ain’t natural, I miss the sky already… let alone the sea….

...We find this coach, ...en we leaves this place, en come to rest in the land where Copperbeard resides, for a day….

...Ahh …that beautiful star filled sky… It has been months since I’ve seen them that clear… and that vast….

Reminds me o-tha spring after tha stormy weather of winter has pas… The oceans are calm, there is a slight breeze that edges up from the south bringin with it the warmth that one so longs for… Er? Ah.. Ahem! ...anyway…

...then we ends up back here in this dark, dank, moldy, undead infested, portal openin, stinking, maze of a labrynth!

Well, I guess if it gets me outta ere and back to sea eventually….


Lucy, Me love....


T’ whah is this? I travel this many days with this group of miscreants that calls themselves do-gooders… ‘en am I to die, for saving the likes o’ some wench, excuse me, some human wench that worships whoe’r, BLAH!!!

We go to rid this city of an evil, brought on by humans non-the-less, for the humans of the region, ‘en for our troubles… THEY HATE US! Not only that… the indecision as to how to go about business… well? it’s… it’s… FREAKIN’ ridiculous, that’s what it is!

We needs to go north of town to stop some sort uh… door… callin… ritual… summonin… thingy, idunno! Those stupid humans want to welcome a power to this plain that is sure to foul the worl’ up more than those filthy humans have already done! What’d they think? they canno’ even control theyselves, let alone some unholy unknown power from the dark abyss of their desires! Rats are more cleanly, ‘en organized than they’re, for thah fac’ they’re more organized than we….

‘En those that travel to rid the worl’ of them humans… how do we do…? Idunno why… but I put meh life on the line for thah wench-o-some temple ‘ere, ‘en plans to rid the worl’ oh thah which would seek to kill ‘er… ‘en me own party jeoperdizes me life, ‘en risks the life of thah which they seek to pertect.

See… there was this Drow, (I knows this by me experiences with ‘um at sea) He was disguised as a ‘uman in this village, ‘er human habitat. ...anyways… I step up tell them other Dwarves me plan sees, at least most o’ it… ‘en thah ol’ fool I traveled with from neptus steps in ‘en fouls things up! Now the Drow’s dead, I am poisoned, the ritual has not been stopped, I’m in chains, ‘en, if’n I don’t get the antidote… I a gonner! ‘En my ends, me hopes come to an end on a Watery Grave!


‘en pertect me form your followers…

Lucy hear me cries, ‘en me prays… ‘en pass them along…

With all me love!

Cap’n William H. Bones

Miners Journal Day 349

Its been awhile since I could write in this journal…many things have happened not the least of which are VAMPMINERS!!!! May last entry was just before we got to an old abbey. Well that will be the last time I agree to rest at an abbey after darkness falls. We were waylaid by the UNDEAD!!! and had to run all night and day to Fallcrest after losing our gnomish prisoner and that great old Dwarf Stall to a Vampminer. Needless to say all of our grudge ledgers were added to. Though we did bring one human to justice we were all saddened by the lose of a Dwarf Elder. We vented some of this lose into rooting out Winterhavens Kobold problem and discovered that this problem was linked to Winterhavens larger issues with the cult of Shar. I did obtain a nice set of Dwarven Platemail, at lest as nice as the set of Scalemail given to me by my patriarch. I think Maul would not mind if I trade his handywork with one of his kinsmen at Winterhaven and it may help anyother Dwarves passing through this area as it has helped me.

After the Kobolds were but down and we learned all we needed from them. We decided to settle up our newest entry in our ledgers and return to the Abbey to root out its evil. We made a plan to attack at midday since everyone knows thats when Vampminers rest. Well the plan fell to shale as soon as we entered the beasts lair. I myself stared at deaths door and did not blink, that was probably because I had to be carried from that place after Ulric also was knocked low by the same beast that almost got me. However we were revived and told that we had lost a member of our party to other foul beasts. So we endeavored to return later that evening to destroy this foul menace once and for all so no others will be hurt by this VAMPMINER coven. Well going in after dark isn’t the best way to fight a undead horde but we made DUMATHOIN proud and destroyed the foul beasts, avenging our fallen comrades.

Now as I write this we head to Winterhaven to root out the regions larger menace in the form of the cult of Shar…also one last thing I have started my own Treasury it is small now but I have a feeling it will grow!

Old Staul's Trek Home

After search for my old friend Staul success, only short lived. Tried to get him home but I failed and will have to be avenging my old friend for a long time. I hate vampires and this one that got my friend, he is a willy devil. He got my friend while we all where bickering over that DAMN GNOME. I knew when he got back into our mits that something was wrong with him. No one is ever that cold and a live, then that damn Friar does his healing mojo and nothing. I mean if that don’t fix you nothing will. But no that damn Friar wont let us kill the undead…..something about he is just Hypothermatic or hypoheated or hyercold or something like that. I tell you what if I wasn’t so Bahamuts hammer that guy would have a knuckle sandwich coming, and he still might. At least some good came of this we have decided that majority rules the group. Some other strange happenings at Fall Crest though. They say word came from Winterhaven that we did bad things up there. Hell we where not even in the town for more than a day. Strange things happenings in the Vast. At least now I get to take some of my anger out on Kobalds. Hate them damn things.

Session VI: Alone in the Dark

What started as deep throated growls from the knotty pines north and south turned grim as ghoulish fiends from the abbey walls netted half the party and leapt to join the dire wolf corpses! Having recovered one of the fleeing prisoners and loosing another to a fiend gone misty, the party explores the dark and uncared for abbey. Great moral debates ensued as to the question of disturbing or pillaging the crypts below the abbey. Just after settling for the night the great heavy doors to the abbey’s entrance are heard to slamming shut. The group, one by one funnels in the large hall to find the pallid faced gnome motionless on the cold floor, barely breathing and unnaturally cold. Half the group wants to slay the possible spawn of the Vampire of the abbey. Others do not want innocent blood on their hands until proof can be positive that this body is indeed a fiend in the making. The decision to kill is put off and the body guarded in the crypts. Some, returning to the upstairs den, find that Old Staul’s decision to guard the prisoner had other consequences. The Vampire had returned to claim another prize. This was all Harbeck could take. The Vampire was responsible now for one death and one undeath and he was not going to let the abbey’s latest host toy with this party anymore. Harbeck headed to the crypts. In a rough parlay the priest was knocked down the steps and Khan was the only thing standing in the way of what would be seen as either murder or holy retribution. The god’s had mercy. The now ‘completed’ gnome fiend awoke, abiet confused, but surly undead. As his or its eyes now cast a scarlet gleam Harbeck had no doubt left and put the thing to final rest. The party rejoined and committed to each other and the cause of the Forgotten once more, promising not to let the mechanacians of evil cloud their vision again. The Forgotten left the abbey and it’s unwelcoming host and decided walking, not sleeping would be their respite this eve.

Wot the HELL...

Rorin..? RORIN…! Pull y’ur head outta that damn book y’urs! I tell ya… some people. Wotta waste o me time, talking ta that one. Some times I wonder ifin it would be better to talk to those rat filth the humans?

Ahh… Tristin, been out huntin I see, rabbits and squirrels I see, they’ll make good eatin….

So tell me, wot the hell is with these men omong us? They all talk of hatin humans… yet they protect the dead… eh-hem… or rather, the undead. Now ifin they was goblins… I could understand then. They may be no better then rodents, but they serve their purpose, better-n-humans… sort of. Hell!

Now here’s a fine-well-to-do… we wont to rid the world of humans… only so we can allow the undead to run rampant… en they are willing to put their lives, en ours on the line for that?

Travelin with… humans, hobbits, gnomes, asses… pertectin the undead! Why dont we just slit our own throats en give the world over to the human race if this is how things are going to go.

I aim to see the the hearth that twere built by the blood, sweat, and tears of our ancesters reclaim that which is rightfully ours. En let no two faced forgotten souls for get that! Scurvy swabbs the lot of um!

Han-me that bottle o rum there will ya…?

Humans are rats! I know the gome has more to say!
Tristan Connell

I’m telling you now, I know the humans are behind it. Oh, excuse me. I was just telling this young feller here about the time me and my old mates rounded up some unlawful rabble. It was sopposed to be some old burial sight of some ancient dragon. Turns out it was just some giant lizard got left behind by some great dwarven hero back in them old times before the king went a missing. Anyway. we had just finished off the human scum that was working for that little rat Pugh. He was that little gnome that claimed to be working for some cult leader named Kalarel, Karl, Kevin…. Ah really who the hell cares you know the story ends with me killing the lousy human scum. Anyway, a gnome should know better then to work for those bread like rabbit scum. All right, all right your looking restless, I’ll get back to the telling. We were up on that ridge looking for an od dwarf named Staul. He was some old friend of commander Harbek’s. Turns out he had went missing some weeks earlier looking for the burial sight. We had eard in town from a loyal subject of the rightful king that he had gone missing out SE of town with some humans and a gnome looking for this dragon burial sight. Well we went a looking for him. Turns out he was being held by some little runty gnome name of Pugh. Thats also the first time i met old Corky. You know old Corky my little halfling cook. Yeah he was working for old Pugh and after a little shaking he saw the light and chose to help us out and decided, on his own accord, to rehabilitate by working for me. Haven’t been able to get rid of the little fella yet. *Tristan leans in closer. *By the way dont eat his stew, he never did learn how to cook like a good dwarven woman can. After the others had rangled the gnome up and stuff i went to talking nice to him and one of his hireligs, a human named BOB i think. You know my momma always said you can gather more flys with honey then with vinegar. Those three were full of all kinds of information. Turns out the human knew the location of some little dragonkin hideout. Sure must have been those kobolds we ran up on a few days earlier that killed that sheep farmer. How the hell do know his name, and why would I care he was human. Old pugh said he worked for that cult leader and he was sent to find that damn mirror that master miner Cornelius used to love so much, never id think looking in that damn thing made him dig any better but swore by it. So after some deliberation it wa decided that Corky would work for us to pay back his debt, the human would lead us to the kobolds lair and on the way would drop the gnome off at soe human outpost for safe keeping. Turns out thatdarn Abby no longer was held by humans, but was…......Hold on dont look at me like that, i didnt touch em. They was already dead when I got there….. Hey is that human looking at me….. W’ell continue this in a minute after I go wipe that questioing look off of that mouth breather over there…...


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