The Forgotten

Session V: Wiley and Sureshot

Missiles of acerbic fire, unfailing sling stones and enough dwarven machismo to make even rocks grow hair preordained certain victory even before a hand strayed to haft. Near the conflicts wrap- like shade fleeing to crevice- the vanishing leader and his halfling sharpshooter made applaudable flights. One to the woods, the other a magicians retreat!

With few words the Dwarves divided into cells and made good their aims. In the end the deserters were recovered and liberally threatened. Hammerfast’s dear teacher, Old Staul was discovered, questioned then given water. Also recovered was an ornate mirror that, according to ‘Pugh’ the archeologist gnome leader, was to be used by his boss’s boss for some complicated ritual.

After many ugly but witty deliberations wherein each dwarf was tested almost beyond his ability to abstain from joyfully slaughtering their distant cousin, Pugh (the self ascribed mastermind), he and the only surviving rabble were escorted away from the ‘false’ dragon’s burial dig. Incidentally the deplorably accurate stone slinging Halfling Corky was coercively inducted into the dwarven posse for an uncertain duration and named chief cook and bottle washer.

During the multiple near alignment-altering conversations with Pugh it was discovered that this burial site did not conceal the legendary adult Shadow Dragon Shadraxil after all. Instead it revealed the curiously placed bones of a juvenile Shadow Dragon and as mentioned previously the Ornate Mirror; a component sought by the mysterious leader’s leader ‘Kalarel’.

After walking till Selune’s Tears shed brightly, the group by way of design happened upon the Gardmoor Abbey in the hills just east of the King’s Road. The abbey is found uncharacteristically dark and uncharacteristically inhabited by dark habited shadows. The dour band lines up as soldiers to mess at the heavy oaken gates eagerly hoping for great ladles’ of violence in lieu of warmed milk as the ideal nightcap to an arduous day’s much earned slumber.

In the good Book

“How” is Old Dwarf Speek, For what humans use the word “Who”

Friar McAbbott
Faith is like a good wine, better with age.

Today was a good day. I prayed,drank,slept. The others I run with were bickering about who killed who these are not my conserns. I just hope the The Earth Maiden will guide us. Now it is time for a good pipe. And maybe a nap. I do not Know… this is why I do not speek.

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