The Forgotten

Wot the HELL...

Rorin..? RORIN…! Pull y’ur head outta that damn book y’urs! I tell ya… some people. Wotta waste o me time, talking ta that one. Some times I wonder ifin it would be better to talk to those rat filth the humans?

Ahh… Tristin, been out huntin I see, rabbits and squirrels I see, they’ll make good eatin….

So tell me, wot the hell is with these men omong us? They all talk of hatin humans… yet they protect the dead… eh-hem… or rather, the undead. Now ifin they was goblins… I could understand then. They may be no better then rodents, but they serve their purpose, better-n-humans… sort of. Hell!

Now here’s a fine-well-to-do… we wont to rid the world of humans… only so we can allow the undead to run rampant… en they are willing to put their lives, en ours on the line for that?

Travelin with… humans, hobbits, gnomes, asses… pertectin the undead! Why dont we just slit our own throats en give the world over to the human race if this is how things are going to go.

I aim to see the the hearth that twere built by the blood, sweat, and tears of our ancesters reclaim that which is rightfully ours. En let no two faced forgotten souls for get that! Scurvy swabbs the lot of um!

Han-me that bottle o rum there will ya…?



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