The Forgotten

The Riverdown Slaves

So who are the Riverdown slaves you ask? Ahhh Harbek knows and he tells you. He tells you that Riverdown is a not so far away settlement in the Harkenwold territory across the Fire River west of here. Surely these are captured villagers from there! If saving these innocents was part of the Forgotten’s calling, they seem to be a step behind- as the sale and removal from here seems to have take place already!

So far the Chamber of Eyes appears to be just what you heard- an ancient temple to the likewise ancient god, Torog the Patient One. This is the same God that split the Minotaur’s religious attentions so many years ago that lead to their ultimate destruction. From the front steps inward engravings of eyes have covered the walls and doors. Having discovered a secret door in Krand’s personal chamber, the group has headed south where, to their astonishment, a beholder seems to be lurking in the next room!



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