The Forgotten

Session VI: Alone in the Dark

What started as deep throated growls from the knotty pines north and south turned grim as ghoulish fiends from the abbey walls netted half the party and leapt to join the dire wolf corpses! Having recovered one of the fleeing prisoners and loosing another to a fiend gone misty, the party explores the dark and uncared for abbey. Great moral debates ensued as to the question of disturbing or pillaging the crypts below the abbey. Just after settling for the night the great heavy doors to the abbey’s entrance are heard to slamming shut. The group, one by one funnels in the large hall to find the pallid faced gnome motionless on the cold floor, barely breathing and unnaturally cold. Half the group wants to slay the possible spawn of the Vampire of the abbey. Others do not want innocent blood on their hands until proof can be positive that this body is indeed a fiend in the making. The decision to kill is put off and the body guarded in the crypts. Some, returning to the upstairs den, find that Old Staul’s decision to guard the prisoner had other consequences. The Vampire had returned to claim another prize. This was all Harbeck could take. The Vampire was responsible now for one death and one undeath and he was not going to let the abbey’s latest host toy with this party anymore. Harbeck headed to the crypts. In a rough parlay the priest was knocked down the steps and Khan was the only thing standing in the way of what would be seen as either murder or holy retribution. The god’s had mercy. The now ‘completed’ gnome fiend awoke, abiet confused, but surly undead. As his or its eyes now cast a scarlet gleam Harbeck had no doubt left and put the thing to final rest. The party rejoined and committed to each other and the cause of the Forgotten once more, promising not to let the mechanacians of evil cloud their vision again. The Forgotten left the abbey and it’s unwelcoming host and decided walking, not sleeping would be their respite this eve.



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