The Forgotten

Old Staul's Trek Home

After search for my old friend Staul success, only short lived. Tried to get him home but I failed and will have to be avenging my old friend for a long time. I hate vampires and this one that got my friend, he is a willy devil. He got my friend while we all where bickering over that DAMN GNOME. I knew when he got back into our mits that something was wrong with him. No one is ever that cold and a live, then that damn Friar does his healing mojo and nothing. I mean if that don’t fix you nothing will. But no that damn Friar wont let us kill the undead…..something about he is just Hypothermatic or hypoheated or hyercold or something like that. I tell you what if I wasn’t so Bahamuts hammer that guy would have a knuckle sandwich coming, and he still might. At least some good came of this we have decided that majority rules the group. Some other strange happenings at Fall Crest though. They say word came from Winterhaven that we did bad things up there. Hell we where not even in the town for more than a day. Strange things happenings in the Vast. At least now I get to take some of my anger out on Kobalds. Hate them damn things.



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