The Forgotten

Miners Journal Day 349

Its been awhile since I could write in this journal…many things have happened not the least of which are VAMPMINERS!!!! May last entry was just before we got to an old abbey. Well that will be the last time I agree to rest at an abbey after darkness falls. We were waylaid by the UNDEAD!!! and had to run all night and day to Fallcrest after losing our gnomish prisoner and that great old Dwarf Stall to a Vampminer. Needless to say all of our grudge ledgers were added to. Though we did bring one human to justice we were all saddened by the lose of a Dwarf Elder. We vented some of this lose into rooting out Winterhavens Kobold problem and discovered that this problem was linked to Winterhavens larger issues with the cult of Shar. I did obtain a nice set of Dwarven Platemail, at lest as nice as the set of Scalemail given to me by my patriarch. I think Maul would not mind if I trade his handywork with one of his kinsmen at Winterhaven and it may help anyother Dwarves passing through this area as it has helped me.

After the Kobolds were but down and we learned all we needed from them. We decided to settle up our newest entry in our ledgers and return to the Abbey to root out its evil. We made a plan to attack at midday since everyone knows thats when Vampminers rest. Well the plan fell to shale as soon as we entered the beasts lair. I myself stared at deaths door and did not blink, that was probably because I had to be carried from that place after Ulric also was knocked low by the same beast that almost got me. However we were revived and told that we had lost a member of our party to other foul beasts. So we endeavored to return later that evening to destroy this foul menace once and for all so no others will be hurt by this VAMPMINER coven. Well going in after dark isn’t the best way to fight a undead horde but we made DUMATHOIN proud and destroyed the foul beasts, avenging our fallen comrades.

Now as I write this we head to Winterhaven to root out the regions larger menace in the form of the cult of Shar…also one last thing I have started my own Treasury it is small now but I have a feeling it will grow!



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