The Forgotten

Humans are rats! I know the gome has more to say!

Tristan Connell

I’m telling you now, I know the humans are behind it. Oh, excuse me. I was just telling this young feller here about the time me and my old mates rounded up some unlawful rabble. It was sopposed to be some old burial sight of some ancient dragon. Turns out it was just some giant lizard got left behind by some great dwarven hero back in them old times before the king went a missing. Anyway. we had just finished off the human scum that was working for that little rat Pugh. He was that little gnome that claimed to be working for some cult leader named Kalarel, Karl, Kevin…. Ah really who the hell cares you know the story ends with me killing the lousy human scum. Anyway, a gnome should know better then to work for those bread like rabbit scum. All right, all right your looking restless, I’ll get back to the telling. We were up on that ridge looking for an od dwarf named Staul. He was some old friend of commander Harbek’s. Turns out he had went missing some weeks earlier looking for the burial sight. We had eard in town from a loyal subject of the rightful king that he had gone missing out SE of town with some humans and a gnome looking for this dragon burial sight. Well we went a looking for him. Turns out he was being held by some little runty gnome name of Pugh. Thats also the first time i met old Corky. You know old Corky my little halfling cook. Yeah he was working for old Pugh and after a little shaking he saw the light and chose to help us out and decided, on his own accord, to rehabilitate by working for me. Haven’t been able to get rid of the little fella yet. *Tristan leans in closer. *By the way dont eat his stew, he never did learn how to cook like a good dwarven woman can. After the others had rangled the gnome up and stuff i went to talking nice to him and one of his hireligs, a human named BOB i think. You know my momma always said you can gather more flys with honey then with vinegar. Those three were full of all kinds of information. Turns out the human knew the location of some little dragonkin hideout. Sure must have been those kobolds we ran up on a few days earlier that killed that sheep farmer. How the hell do know his name, and why would I care he was human. Old pugh said he worked for that cult leader and he was sent to find that damn mirror that master miner Cornelius used to love so much, never id think looking in that damn thing made him dig any better but swore by it. So after some deliberation it wa decided that Corky would work for us to pay back his debt, the human would lead us to the kobolds lair and on the way would drop the gnome off at soe human outpost for safe keeping. Turns out thatdarn Abby no longer was held by humans, but was…......Hold on dont look at me like that, i didnt touch em. They was already dead when I got there….. Hey is that human looking at me….. W’ell continue this in a minute after I go wipe that questioing look off of that mouth breather over there…...



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